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Richmond Embedded Map
June 2013 -- Here is a sample of a Web Embedded Map for Richmond RI created using ArcGIS Online. Data layers include parcels and existing zoning districts. Click on a Parcel to see property information. Change the Base Map. Turn on/off the legend. Drag the map to Pan. For general planning purposes only, not a product of a Professional Land Survey.

RhodeMap RI ~ Building a Better Rhode Island
May 2013 -- Local Firm Selected to Create Statewide Economic Development and Housing as Part of Sustainable Communities Initiative. The team led by the Horsley Witten Group includes Jamestown-based Mapping and Planning Services to provide GIS and mapping services.

MPS Certified as RI DBE
June 2012 -- The RI Minority Business Compliance Office certified that Mapping and Planning Services meets the DBE certification as a "planning, environmental and geographic information systems (GIS) consulting, and cartography - digital and standard mapping services" company. Certification MBCN917.

Town of Exeter To Move Forward with GIS
June 2012 -- The Town of Exeter, RI has engaged MPS as GIS Project Management Consultant. The Town is the only Washington County community currently without any in-house GIS capability. The Town recently received a Statewide Planning Challenge grant for town-wide parcels and a web mapping application development.