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Project: Consulting GIS Services for Town of Charlestown, Rhode Island
Client: Town of Charlestown, RI

MPS provides consulting services associated with the design, development and implementation of the Town of Charlestown’s GIS system. In 1999 MPS provided project management services for the automation of the parcel maps, as a two-phase project. Phase 1 involved selection of the mapping contractor, QA/QC over the digitizing of 6,000 parcels, linking to the Assessor’s CAMA system, GIS system design and installation, and ArcView training for the Town Planner and Tax Assessor. Phase 2 developed an ArcView demonstration project for Wastewater Management and URI MANAGE analysis.

In 2002 MPS was selected to provide GIS services as part of the Charlestown Wellhead Protection Project. MPS developed an integrated GIS groundwater management application using ArcView for the Town of Charlestown. Town officials are able to interactively view, query and analyse current zoning, existing known threats to wellheads and identify potential new groundwater threats on a parcel-by-parcel basis. MPS also provided general GIS consulting services, training and prepared the Charlestown Official Zoning Map.