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Mapping and Planning Services provides high-quality GIS products and GIS services:
GIS Consulting Services QA/QC, Cranston, Rhode Island
  • GIS Project Management
  • Independent QA/QC
  • GIS Web Applications
  • GIS Needs Assessments and Implementation Plans
  • ArcGIS Training and On-Call Tech Support

Digital Data Development Jamestown GIS, Jamestown, RI
  • GIS Parcel Mapping and Data Maintenance
  • RFP/RFQ and Technical Specifications
  • GIS Geodatabase Design
  • Geocoding / Admatching Services
  • Georeferencing of Historic Maps and Aerials
  • GPS & CAD Integration
  • Digital Document Cataloguing

 Planning Analyses and Support

Newport Harbor Land Use
  • GIS Build-out Analysis and Growth Management Support
  • Comprehensive Community Plan Mapping
  • Affordable Housing Siting Analyses
  • Land Conservation, Stewardship and Greenways Mapping
  • Bicycle Path Planning
  • Harbor Management Plans
  • Parking and Downtown Revitalization Studies

 Cartographic Design and Presentation Mapping

Ballard Park Trails Map, Newport, RI
  • Publication Cartography
  • Special Purpose mapping and displays
  • Bicycling, Trail, Blue Water and Open Space Maps
  • Zoning Maps
  • Historic Map Collection and Map Design

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