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Project: Phase II RI Supplemental Water Supplies Feasibility Study
Client: RI Water Resources Board

MPS provided GIS services to support RI WRB’s Phase II Supplemental Water Study to locate and determine the quantity of alternative water supply available for future use in Rhode Island.

Conducted GIS residential and commercial buildout analyses in RI for 32 water suppliers, plus 27 of the 39 cities and towns.  Other tasks included the GIS mapping of water supplier interconnections, existing water supply sources, potential new water supplies, and updating the statewide GIS water datasets and water service areas.  Also developed ESRI MapBooks Water Supply GIS for RIWRB application. 

The Phase II Study looked at the entire state to ensure Rhode Island’s continued water independence. This will assist the RIWRB in locating alternative water supplies and determining projected water needs versus the available supply for the entire state.

Subcontractor to the Maguire Group.